Sunday, November 3, 2013

The grands lately

The babies just keep growing.... so in love with these two

 Audrey is such a monkey, she loves to swing from this rope.... that little sweet face

Sweet sweet Carson havin' some of grandpa's special stovetop popcorn.

Monday, September 9, 2013

90 degrees in September warrants a swimming pool
at least for the grands it does

 watching the little ones while mommy & daddy went out to celebrate daddy's b-day

 Blowin' bubbles

Audrey was just giddy over daddy's "party"!  Her mama was the same way... 
always loved birthday parties

Monday, August 12, 2013

Brianna and the kids came over for lunch and a little visit.

 Miss Audrey....  growing up a little too fast. Getting more and more independent, articulate, sweet, loving, inquizative, compassionate, rough and tumble yet fashion-driven and girly. Loves to play make believe and tell stories. Friends are important, she's a social butterfly. Beautiful smile, beautiful heart... beautiful inside and this precious one!

Mr. Carson 14 mo already, and such a "boy", wanting to see how things work, taking things apart, putting things back that he took apart, open and close the door again and again and again. 
Starting to say words and make animas sounds. Give kisses and plenty of smiles. Big blue eyes and lots of blonde curls, oh how I love this little boy!

 Straight & curly....Audrey had curls when she was little

eating his bibs

They love each other, It's so fun to see them interacting, lots of giggles and squeals

Blessed to have them so close, to watch them grow....never taken for granted!
Oh My Heart

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Loves...

We had some time at my niece's wedding last weekend to venture outside with the grandkids.
 It was a beautiful afternoon, the backdrop.... Willow Creek Golf Course.

 Shoe's off and running.... yep, she's grandma's girl that's for sure :)

Just had to put her feet on the "green"

Climbing trees in a it!

Sweet little Carson and oh....those blue eyes

Takin' steps on his first birthday 

He's cute even when he cry's. 
 Mama had to go back in the country club, Carson didn't like that.... 

There, that's better

He's such a mama's boy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

One on One time with my little sweetness

It's not often I get baby boy all to myself... today was one of those days. 
His sister had a fun birthday party to attend and mommy had some classes at work.
So we played!
 Carson is such a  sweet boy, so easy going and happy to just be a baby
 and yes...those BLUE eyes are color editing here
I think the blue in his shirt and the sun beaming in the windows really accented the color.
We had a fun day, eventually it included big sister!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Snow, snow and more snow all on a spring day

The plan was for me to have the "babies" all day on Thursday
 so my daughter could get in a full day of packing in preparation for moving day.

 15.5 inches of snow, on May 2nd mind you,
 delayed the pick up by several hours
First at Caribou, 
somone had built this snowman on the table outside

 "Grandma, why am I in this high chair? I prefer to be crawling around the store"
He really wasn't sad, he was happily nibbling on Audrey Choc chip cookie. 

Eating the marshmallows off the top of her Hot Chocolate

Then off to Grandma's house for more fun
 Audrey discovered that the cookie jar was empty, and that's just not right!
So when Carson went down for his nap, we made chocolate chip cookies, 
one of our favorite things to do together.
I'm the scooper, she's the plopper  :)

I'll leave you with the sweetest little song that Audrey made up while making cookies
Such a fun day with the little's

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a sweet life

My grandkids.... make life a little sweeter!

This little blue-eyed boy just melts my heart!
"hi grandma, come and get me"

Went shopping with sweetie-pie, came home with new Jammies, 
"Yo gaba gaba", what ever happened to Barney  :)

 Sunday afternoon coffee with my favorite "coffee" drinking pal.
Our special time together...oh my heart